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  1. Gabriella K. (verified owner)

    I finally find a solution to store all my children’s stuffed animals or pets with this bean bag. I’m very proud then of this purchase. No need to argue with them anymore as they can keep their stuffed toys in one place when they do not play with it. Extra large, this bean bag can receive toys of all sizes. When it is stuffed, this bean bag is also a beautiful object of decoration to your child’s room. A few words also about this seller. Reliable site. Professional team. Wonderful and quick delivery.

  2. Vicky Y. (verified owner)

    A very good idea this stuffed toy bean bag. In addition to having a chair, it is also a perfect storage element. The size of this bean bag is just right to accommodate all my child’s toys. Solid, it doesn’t crack despite an excessive use by my children. The zipper is sturdy. Its dimension is also perfect, my child often uses it as a chair when he is playing and as a bed when he wants to have some rest. Really an original idea this bean bag. I highly recommend.

  3. Loretta F. (verified owner)

    Organize your child’s bedroom with this stuffed toy bean bag. That is what I’ve done and I haven’t regretted my choice. This bean bag is really helpful for cleaning up a room. Strong, comfy, soft, it provides also a relaxing seat for kids when filled. Done with quality material fabric, this model is suitable for children. Its dimension is also perfect. My two little sons play and lay on it without any problems. I received my package only a few moments after my order. Rare to have such an online service. Congratulation!

  4. Camilla V. (verified owner)

    Perfect service. I ordered it by phoning them and they were really quick on taking it. The seller was also very polite and communicative. The team delivery is professional. My order arrived on time and well packaged. Quality product. It is as described on the site. Besides being really practical to store all your things, it also cheers up your room. Very cute for my kiddo’s room. By its large zipper, it’s easy to fulfill and to remove. As I can fill it myself, I made it light so that my children can move it around the house.

  5. Kinney F. (verified owner)

    I guarantee that you won’t regret your purchase by choosing this stuffed bean bag. Its material is durable. Comfortable and big enough for your little one when it is filled. The material fabric is safe and secure for children. I wash it whenever I want. A really great idea this stuffed bean bag. As its price is affordable, I intend to order another one to offer to my best friend as she actually has twins. You can’t imagine all the mess there is at her home with all her children’s toys. I’m sure that she’ll adore this surprise.

  6. Gabby S. (verified owner)

    I thought to sell some of my daughter’s stuffed toys but she is not yet ready to separate from them. That’s why I decided to try this stuffed toy bean bag and surprisingly, it is really helpful. We fulfill it together and she was very pleased to do that thinking that her toys will not be far without cluttering up her room. 2 in 1 product also as it provides to us a beautiful bean bag chair useful during her leisure time or for playing outdoor and indoor. Really satisfied about this purchase. My choice was also guided by its price. It’s really affordable compared to all the advantages that this bean bag can offer. I highly advise.

  7. Matt D. (verified owner)

    It’s worth the price. My children were happy to fill it when it arrived on Thursday. It taught them to store things after using it and in one place but not all around the home. This stuffed toy bean bag is just genius. I actually want to buy another one just to prevent for their future pets toys. Want also to congratulate this seller. I often buy online, but the service offered by this one is just exceptional. The order is taken by a professional person. The delivery is done on time. The payment is secure. The product received is faithful to the description made on the site. I just recommend both this site and these products.

  8. Missy S. (verified owner)


  9. Morgan A. (verified owner)

    This Beautiful storage bag is the best thing EVER!

  10. Evie M. (verified owner)

  11. Courtney L. (verified owner)

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